Sunday, October 7, 2012

Newspaper Cuttings and Publications

This Blog is currently being added to as and when a new subject needs to find space.

Notable among the new pages is a summary of links to most of the information regarding Macro-Economic Design for Sustainable Growth, including a weekly series of essays being published by a leading financial journal

Also a London Seminar for the Financial Services Industry is advertised for Monday Evening on 12th May 2014

The original material is as follows:

Newspaper and other cuttings including some publications which describe Edward's early work through the 1970's to the 1990's have been moved to the next page.

The MEDIA and Ordinary Folk page is just one of those easy-to read pages. 


The best contribution in 2012 to the world's premier on-line GlobalRisk Community can be found here:

A draft book has been placed on Edward Ingram's main Blog, on the 4th page after the Home page, the Endorsements (peer reviews), and the support group (IngramSure Board)

The peer reviews are impressive. In effect, they say this book will start a new era in economics. All four pages are worth reading.

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